Interview With A Nuristani – The Mediation Via Memory Of Some Detail Of Their Once-Living Faith


Earlier this week, we ran an article looking at some of the issues with Kalasha / Nuristani religion – specifically, why claims of its being a somehow ‘more pure’ and ‘pre-Vedic’ Indo-Aryan faith don’t really stack up.

I said in the course of that piece that I’d be adding more substantive material in subsequent efforts, and as a bit of a primer for these I present the following.

Now, to explicate what’s going on here … the core kernel of this is an excerpt from a rather remarkable interview undertaken in 1973 by an intrepid linguist and anthropologist – one Richard Strand – who trekked up into Afghanistan to meet the subjects of his research.

There, he encountered a man by the name of Zaman Xan – the then-current headman of the clan of Nuristanis whose role had been to keep a major site of worship for the chief deific…

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