Good Morning Sunshine!

Anisette Studios & Shibui Fine Arts

Shibui Found Image Art

Dominance seems obvious here.

And its pretty obvious what steals the show here. What is being dominant. Is the small dot more dominant or less dominant? Interesting. But this is a discussion about dominance not field and event.

When it comes to color_____.

I learned from my professor Phil Paratore about what he calls Field And Event Theory. It’s pretty easy to guess what is the events and where the field is in this wall paper. The happens with Shibui Foundations. It is these events that have commonality (relationships) in a Shibui Foundation. The dominate the image. Smaller “things” support, and those even smaller things become the field along with those supporting things in the image. There are time when this theory comes into play during discussions about the foundations. Such as, “Where is your event, an event will stand out. What parts do you wish…

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