Sweet memories of people and places are the soul food of the emotional-spiritual self

Beyond Non-Binary

Sometimes friendships must end for circumstances beyond our control.In such moments, while the feeling may be bittersweet, it is time to gather the memories and to place them in aspic.What. do I mean?

Well, aspic is clear, but usually sepia-toned, perfect for a trip down memory lane.Aspic is also a preservative, shielding the contents from the radicalisation of oxygen exposure.It is like a safekeep box.Safekeep for keepsakes.

Plus, aspic has a character of its own.  It is very nourishing, made of collagen.  The ties that bind.

As we beat this metaphor to death, it strikes me that memories, the storage of them, their pleasant, gentle recall, can be a kind of caress.A warm breeze from the past, a gentle reminder of who we are, where we have been, what we come from.These things become foundations for the sense of self.

I love to give flowers.Flowers are a fleeting flash of beauty.I love…

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