Female energy is way more powerful than male energy and way more mysterious…just ask my reflexologist who is gradually putting me under her thumb

Beyond Non-Binary

It all started when the Domme said, “I can turn you into a foot fetishist,” and then for the first time in my, fed me a foot, hers, and placed me firmly into a subspace in a most unexpected way.In the lead up to this, I had given her a foot massage, something else I had never done before.One of my school friends, a woman with incredible taste and shoes and objectively lovely feet, told me decades ago, “you should be a foot fetishist.”

Well,I’ve spent a lifetime trying to not be a fetishist of anything, and I’ve finally succeeded, so I won’t be giving that up.Don’t get me wrong, doing kinky things is more delicious than ever, but my “fetish” has become connecting emotionally to the person I am with…and whatever it is we do together seems to matter less and less.

Well, this foot…

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