The Gossiping Dream

Haoyan Do

Image by Gerhard from Pixabay

I had a very strange dream this morning right before waking up and running to the bathroom. Actually it was so strange that one hour after that, I was still thinking of it while drinking soy milk for breakfast.

I dreamed that I was with two friends and we were gossiping about somebody, who sneaked right behind me without my knowledge. When I realized that she was standing right behind me, it was too late. She had already heard what we were talking about–something unflattering about her. Our gossiping group broke up and I felt such a pang of guilt that I woke up. It’s very strange that I couldn’t remember the exact words we were talking about even if the dream was still fresh in my mind. However what we were saying was definitely something negative.

“I really should not gossip like that.” I…

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