A changing dynamic with my reflexologist and the dominant female

Beyond Non-Binary

Gradually, more and more of the women in my life are dominating me.  It seems to be a natural evolution as we gain comfort with one another. It is a special treat, and is a language and interaction that was not previously accessible to me, either for some fault of my own, or for some form of self-expression, or because this rare and beautiful trait is not shown to everyone she meets.

Feminine energy and beauty come from a different place than male beauty…it is one of seduction, invitation, curiosity, playfulness…not at all like male beauty. If it is shown to you, it is a rare gift, a treat, but needs to be handled with care and respect and warmth. And in my case, the love language that didn’t make it into the book of the same name: submission.

And thus it is with the increasing number of women in…

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