Grandfather In The Sky – An Account Of Nuristani Imro Appearing To His Shamans, Situated In Indo-European Context


It is Wednesday – Woden’s Day – and therefore, something a little different. This is another excerpt from Richard Strand’s interview with the Nuristani Vasi headman, Zaman Xan, in 1973. See if you notice anything … familiar sounding from a comparative Indo-European perspective:

Speaking of his tribe’s shamans, and their manner for encountering Imra / Imro –

“They would come when the people were putting on dances, right? When there was a boiled-meat feast, then they would play a flute and drum and whatever, and during that he would suddenly turn into this character. Then he would jump up and say this will happen and that will happen. He would be up and then he would settle down. Then they would ask, “What did you see; what did you see,” whatever.

He would say, “Uh, I saw Imro. Imro came and he’s way up in the sky. He’s wearing dark…

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