Processing difficult feelings

Finding Strength in my Submission

I need to write about something that falls in less of the “sexy” category and more in the “real life” category of D/s.  Often, writing is how I process my feelings so please bear with me as I try to understand my position on this.  Right now, I am just so angry!  Sighs.  Or, maybe not.  I think my anger has burned away now.  I am not so much angry anymore as I am just feeling… hurt. 

In a D/s relationship, the submissive is to bend to the will of the Dominant.  There will be times when the submissive will feel great humility, uncertainty, or even embarrassment in doing so.  Sometimes, submitting and setting her own feeling aside, will cost her.  Submitting isn’t easy!  I have learned just how challenging it is day in and day out to submit to the will of another.  While it is often fun and…

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