Tô Thuỳ Yên | Widow (5)

My heart breaks, it’s so beautiful … catharsis. I love reading these poems from this brilliant poet (and translator 🙂


By Tô Thuỳ Yên, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm




What bird is desiccated dead at the door

A door shut for thousand of years in the dark

A sacred curse on an ancient tomb

Yet returned is the declarant in remembrance?


Running through the wind you searched for me

The fire of injustice frighteningly playful, laughing

The cries of an ancient rock avalanche

Time again the footprints erased by furore of sand  


You recite alone the prayers in fresh light

The moon hazy, night tired, one dying stick of incense 

A heavenly day sound in the howls of a dog 

Terracotta roofs leaning in falling fruit


An illusory flame kindled by the spirits

Lighting white in your hair time

A beating heart resigned as its body goes cold

A distant soul, a firefly lost soundly in the night


The trees the bees…

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