The comfort of ritual and building a string of ponies one sub at a time

Beyond Non-Binary

There is real comfort in ritual.Ritual is an expression of culture.In this sense, it is a collective and shared experience.But culture can also exist on an individual level.And quite curiously, individual culture is no less an expression of advancement than the collective one.You see, ritual comes to symbolize human achievement—we ritualise things because they are worth doing, and their formalisation, makes us better, whether as individuals or as a society.

I wrote not long ago about how ritual, in the form of behavioural norms, is critical to the successful development of a child.[Blog post here].So too, on a journey of personal development.When you consider it, the parallels to our lives, is not coincidental…when we are first embarking on a journey of development, we are like a babe in arms, without knowledge, totally open, and not yet with the critical paths that prevent us from absorbing the things being…

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