Astra – The Star Weapon Of Orion, Ardra, Rudra


Orion is remarkable. Whether the constellation, the Metallica instrumental, or the mythological figure(s) – there is something impressively resonant and incredibly enduring behind the name and figure.
I’m currently working upon a ‘Forensic Theology’ effort to look at the actual underlying archaic Indo-European myth and the figures involved (particularly the Death aspect – and just what, or rather Whom was being hunted) – but that piece is not this.

Rather, we shall be looking at something similarly enduring – the Weapon of this most mighty Hunter Who Stalks The Stars , and how it has perhaps surprisingly persisted from its most archaic mentions in ancient Vedic ritual accounts through to the present-day’s most prominently recognizable iconographic Shaivite saliency.

In the standard Western perception of the constellation of Orion, considerably informed to us by the Greeks, you will often see several armaments associated with the figure. One is a raised club…

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