Good Morning Sunshine! Poem

Anisette Studios & Shibui Fine Arts

Mr. Merlock

His Studio chair_____.

The Cat!

This cat, more to the point is a shadow.

Its pleasure is me. Slow blinks, some times a wink!

I was just trying to mess with him___.

But he found success in that! A wink from a cat.

This CAT! Is always there, a comfort.

Not at all what I imagined once. He purrs___

And purrs, and purrs. He can’t be without me.

I think I am supposed to be flattered.

This cat___claims my chair, if I am not in it.

There are several stuffed mice, a squirrel, a raccoon and a snake.

I gave up one elastic for my ponytail.

That remains in his water dish. Ice cubes are a must too!

The Filling of his dish, required if a hole in the bottom___.

This CAT! Will poke, and pester, and rub.

He will give love nips, lapping kisses, and hiss at…

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