The Carnyx Sounds, Harken the words

The Carnutian Nemeton

Catus Alisiâs is upon us as this time harkens a call to reflect on the days of old and the struggles that befell upon Gaul.

We the Carnutes have felt many blows since the trembling hooves of Ceasar’s storm. We were the first to start the fire against the oppression in our territory. Others followed throughout the Gaulish lands. We suffered significant loss as our great towns burned to the grounds and lay in ruin. Our great Druides, leaders, farmers, women, and children were slaughtered or sold to slavery to pay for Ceaser’s madness. Our neighboring tribe, the Aruerni, heard of this. Uercingetorix helps take control of our unorganized tribes. And fought many battles; some won, some lost, but it is the final battle on a hill fort that would shape the course of history.

Alesia is this hill fort I speak of in the lands of the Mandubii, the…

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