Submission is not an act, but rather a process, and what appears to be a state of being

Beyond Non-Binary

Perhaps everyone’s experience of submission is different.D/s must represent different things to different people.I hesitate to even call what Mistress shows me as D/s.Without a doubt, there is absolutely nothing in what we do that does not involve a Dominant partner and a submissive one, but that is no different than saying there is Mother and child, Leader and follower, Guide and seeker.It is not within the sexual that lie the most powerful lessons.What, therefore, is submission?

The Erotic is a language through which we can see ourselves

What we find arousing gives a glimpse into our deepest beings.  The erotic is a landscape, an entire language, where each individual on this earth has their own dialect. The dialect of the individual is the lens through which each of us experiences arousal, and connects to that animal and spirit within us, that finds the deepest bodily pleasure and release when spoken…

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