It’s time to bury my man-hate, but it may take some work…Unless I do it, I will never be able to find peace with myself.

Beyond Non-Binary

In a recent post titled “Is too much introspection dangerous?”, I used an Ansel Adams image of El Capitan, one of the great climbing challenges of the world, to serve as a metaphor for the challenges of personal growth that lie ahead.  Today, I am using a very different image, one taken from the top of an enormous precipice, with the valley floor laid out far below.  I am standing on a metaphorical mountaintop, one of my own creation, one that I have constructed over a lifetime of rejection of the male.  I regard the valley floor as the domain of manhood, and to me, its surface is hot like a frying pan, hot like Death Valley, a place I never want to go.

But it is time for me to begin to come to terms with myself, and with all men, so that I can put this nonsense to rest.I owe…

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