An Erotic True Story: “Kept on a Leash”

Beyond Non-Binary

Finding small expressions of my deepest inner feelings

We had just been to visit a bitch and her puppies.They were the cutest little things.A mixture of joy and curiosity, and limbs that were delicate and still a bit floppy.She was thinking about getting a dog.

We stepped into a neighbourhood store and while she was looking at the food, its costs, bowls, and other accessories, I found myself drawn to the large panel near the door of collars and leashes.

“You’d look good with a collar on,” she joked, perhaps sensing depth in her own words of things not yet spoken of.I took a simple black one, found it soft to the touch, held it to my neck for size, and then picked up its matching leash.I bought them and they went into a brown paper bag.How appropriate.

“Dogs are expensive,” she said as we left the shop.And, “what did…

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  1. enocky33 says:

    Keep your hard work 💪
    Blessed one 🙏


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