It’s Your Mom I Love

Haoyan Do

Yola has always loved other people’s mom, but she didn’t realize that until college. It dawned on her during one of the classes for her elective course European Literature.

“Balzac’s parents belonged to the first generation of middle class in France, and Balzac’s mom always wanted to go up. You know what I mean. She arranged for Balzac to visit a rich landowner’s daughter regularly, dreaming of him marrying the daughter one day. Soon there’s a marked change in Balzac’s behavior, who started to pay attention to his outfit and who was eager to accompany the girl’s family to parties and theaters. At first Mrs. Balzac congratulated herself on her clever scheme, but before long, Mrs. Balzac was shocked to discover that her son was not interested in the girl at all, but rather he’s interested in the girl’s mother.”

Yola listened to her professor, who’s a Balzac fanatic…

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