Going out on the town with a male Dom friend and “chasing girls”

Beyond Non-Binary

It is important in life to have people to talk to, especially about things that are difficult to talk about.D/s is a perfect example.I am blessed in having a growing posse of people that range from real-life vanilla friends who have known me forever and who know all about me, to the most glorious Mistress that any aspiring slave could ever begin to dream or hope for, to a bevy of online and offline pen-pals and in-person pals who are from the lifestyle.These people have been invaluable to me in establishing a sense of community, but also in helping me figure all this stuff out.

One of these people is someone I have known for decades, a man with whom I have had professional and social relations for many, many years.Through a very bizarre set of impossible coincidences, I learned that he was in the BDSM community without him learning…

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