The Interview (Flash Fiction #76)

Haoyan Do

Jennifer Chung doesn’t think she stands a chance, but she knows she has to go to this interview. It’s a well known company and a good position, which is something Jennifer has always dreamed of but known that she won’t be able to reach. She is just too nice, too introverted, too plain an Asian American girl to be noticed by others.

Her family came to America when she was eleven years old. Since then, she spent all her after-school hours from 3PM to 10PM every day in the takeout restaurant her family owns. These two factors always come to her mind whenever she thinks about her disadvantages. She has an accent that will not help her in a job search; she has spent most of her time working in the restaurant while her peers improve themselves in extracurricular activities.

She chose “business” as her college major since that’s what…

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  1. arbind kumar says:

    Jennifer got job on the basis of her past experiences . Hard working people are recognized at last . If even non-serious people gets job , may become talk of the town for sometimes , but due to his non-seriousness he may be unable to retain his job for a longer period . So , be non-hesitant , bold , soft spoken ; but steel like hard so far as willpower is concerned . Thanks to follow my blogs ; all historical , about incidence of the past and , of course, about dead people . I try to make them alive through my words . Now you have to decide how much I am successful in my efforts as such . Again , thanking you .

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