Taking the heavy lifting part of healing and growth seriously…my quest to find a new therapist.

Beyond Non-Binary

There is no way that I am going to work towards my goals in life right now, and my goals as a slave, without some serious, professional assistance.Of course, on this platform, most of the topic seems to be if not kink-related, certainly about personal slavery.But the truth is far more mundane—there are so many things going on in life, and in periods of great transition, it is helpful to have guidance without burdening those with whom we seek emotional connection.

I had to let go of my previous talk therapist, mainly because I do not think a professional therapist should be sharing details of her own life, and her trauma, in such a way as to belittle my own trauma.  I knew already after our first session that it couldn’t last for that reason, but she was also immensely talented in other ways and quite interesting, so in that sense…

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