Good Morning! Merry Sunshine!

Anisette Studios & Shibui Fine Arts

Good Morning Sunshine! Do you remember this?

How many of you remember this song? I learned it during grammar school. It is still stuck in my head. I am not sure who wrote it.

Good Morning, Merry Sunshine! A little song.

Good Morning Merry Sunshine!

Good morning, Merry Sunshine! How do you wake so soon?
You’ve frightened all the stars away and shined away the moon.
I saw you go to sleep last night before I stopped my playing.
How did you get way over there and where have you been staying?

I never go to sleep, Dear Child, I just go round to see
The little children of the East who rise and watch for me.
I waken all the birds and trees and flowers on my way,
And then, come back to see the child who stayed out late to play.

~The End~

Each day when I got…

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